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It is Gwen’s passion to know how the games are played and the duties of each position, the qualities the coaches look for from a power player at that position. All this helps her formulate specific POWER YOGA FOR SPORTS programs maximizing the effects and minimizing the time, honing in on their needs and leaving out the FLUFF!!! Athletes are already bogged with crammed schedules

Players tell her everyday how it is the hardest workout they have ever done, and how they wish they started this as youth athletes.

She has a unique ability to read bodies. She position my athletes and analyze them for imbalances and symmetry that inevitably (UN addressed) will lead to injury. Symmetry problems are like never rotating the tires on your car and driving and driving on the balding tire until it blows!

The first time Gwen saw Alex Rodriguez she instantly noticed that his torso was torqued to the right. She tested his eye dominance to find he was right eye dominant. She realized he was at a disadvantage. She had to bring Alex back to center and open his neck rotation as much as possible. This is to give him the best view of his pitcher and the least effort.

Plaxico Buress has been suffering with the right ankle problem now for the whole season and it is Power yoga for sports 101 that right ankle problem without addressing symmetry WILL lead to left knee stuff next and it already has.

Gwen has helped people across the country, and beyond (Thailand).

To Gwen Lawrence, it’s all about preventing injury in the first place and enhancing performance thereafter.

Gwen Lawrence has been massage therapist for 20 years and a practicing fitness professional since 1990. She has an extraordinary understanding of anatomy and body functions, combining Massage Therapy, Yoga, Training, Yoga Therapy. At Gwen’s Yoga School, her focus is on a sport-specific yoga program, Power Yoga for Sports and includes private yoga training and class instruction. Gwen’s unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy, and nutrition, provide her clients, and athletes with overwhelming

Help people to increase their awareness in and of the world. Help create a positive global impact Attentiveness of who and what they surround themselves with. Ridding the negative to create the lives they always dreamed of. Incorporating : Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Breath, Visualization, Mental training. To help achieve their health goals. Use a Holistic approach to training the body and mind to achieve greatness.