Gwen Lawrence, Yoga Coach to Athletes



Don’t Limit Yourself Too Early

Dec 20, 2011

Can your child be making decisions that hurt their physical development? Young Athletes Specializing too early While I do not claim to be a doctor, I do have very specific feelings about your young athletes specializing in one sport too early. Consider these points when your 12 year old tells you He/She only wants to…

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10 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

Aug 1, 2011

POWER YOGA FOR SPORTS TOP 10 SPORT RELATED INJURIES POWER YOGA POSE TO AVOID THEM!!! The most common reason for sport related injuries for a recreational athlete to a Pro, from age 10-80, is over use and abuse. In my experience most injuries arise because athletes disconnect to their body. Their eye is on perfection,…

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Yoga for Athletes | Flexibilty for Warriors

Jun 1, 2011

Most people, especially athletes come to yoga with the intention of increasing flexibility. The truth is yoga offers so much more as far as benefits to athletes on the field of play. Balance, strength, flexibility, refined breathing techniques, mental toughness, and visualization of their goals. Today, let’s focus on the suppleness, flexibility aspect. I hear…

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