The Five Tibetan Rites – For Longevity, Vitality and Youth

The Five Tibetan Rites:
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By Gwen Lawrence; BS, LMT, E-Ryt 500, Registered Yoga Therapist
Written for – Mind and Body
Over two thousand years ago, Tibetan monks who are known to live up to 120 years old, claimed they had a system that could reverse the aging process and its debilitating negative effects on the body. They condensed 21 yoga exercises into five that could be performed in as little as 15 minutes a day.
These Five Tibetan rites work by normalizing the bodies’ hormonal balances which hold the regulating keys to proper function. It is not ironic that the endocrine system, which regulates hormones, the bodies overall functioning and aging process, are directly related to the 7 chakras (“wheels of spinning energy “ in Indian Sanskrit). Tibetans claim that the exercises activate and stimulate the seven major chakras that in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system.
Performing these rites is a way to regain youth, health, and vitality and get the energy centers spinning vigorously and normally again. They are easy, enjoyable, and can be done by people of every age, every day.
Rites should be done:

•In 15 to 20 minutes
•Anytime of day
•1-3 times per day
•6-7 times per week
•With a relaxed mind
•With focused breath
•By newcomers to the elderly
•By any body type, slowly working up to recommended amount of commitment
The expected life span of the Tibetan monks is proof enough of their secrets to life and their commitment to health and well being.
Expected benefits of a committed practice of the Rites are vast and include:
•More youthful appearance
•Sound sleep
•Enhanced bone mass
•Reduction in double chin
•Reduction of middle and improved abdominals and overall muscle tone
•Relief of spinal problems and tightness
•Oxygenation of the body, improved memory and vision
•Aides with arthritis and joint discomfort
•Increases lymph drainage
•Improves posture, therefore breathing
•Detoxifies the body

With a small investment of time the rewards are great.
The Five Tibetan Rites:
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The Rites:
You should allow a minimum of 3 months to see full results. Start with 2-3 repetitions of each exercise and work up to the recommended 21 repetitions.

#1 – Spinning: Stand with feet shoulders width apart, arms extended out at shoulder level. Keep eyes looking directly forward if you can without getting dizzy and spin clockwise up to 21 times. Breathe in and out from your stomach. When you stop, focus on even breathing until the dizziness stops and balance returns. The speed of the spin is not important.
#2 – Lay on your back with arms to your sides, palms facing up (you can place your hands, palm side down, under your low buttocks to support lower spine until you are strong enough). Keep legs straight (if you are not strong enough, bend the knees). Inhale and lift your legs off the ground as high as you can. At the same time lift your head off the ground, bringing your chin as close to the chest as possible. Exhale and return to lying flat on the ground, up to 21 time
#3 – Stand on your knees, keep the legs together. Arms extend down your side, palms face the thighs. Drop chin to the chest begin the inhale, lift the shin and lean back deeply from the knee joint. Move hands to the back of the thighs if you need the support. Let your head and neck drop back from its own weight. Begin to exhale come forward, returning to the straight up kneeling position, up to 21 times.
#4 – Sit on the floor, legs extended and hips width apart. Arms to your side, hands flat on the ground, fingers pointing forward. Drop chin to chest and start to inhale. Raise your buttocks off the floor, while you bend the knees and slide the feet under the knee joint. Shift weight equally to the hands and feet. Raise hips until your body and thighs are parallel to the floor. Begin to exhale and return to the beginning position with chin to chest, up to 21 times.
#5 – Starting from a push-up position, hands under the shoulders and feet hips width apart. Drop your hips and lift the chest up and forward (upward dog pose in yoga; see my pose-of-the-month on Do not allow anything to touch the floor except the hands and the toes. Begin the exhale, push your hips to the sky until you create and inverted V pose (downward dog in yoga, see my pose-of-the-month on tuck chin tight to the chest. Inhale and return to the upward dog, beginning pose, up to 21 times.
It is recommended that you finish the series lying on the floor face down with your arms stretched out from your shoulders palms facing down. Keep the chin on the ground and the eyes closed. Hold until you feel your heart and breath return to normal. Turn you head to once side take a few deep breaths and feel free to continue your day as you normally would.
Enjoy exploring this series and feeling the benefits of a rejuvenated body mind and spirit.