Yoga for Road Trips


High gas prices and inflation are making people fly less and drive more to their summer destinations. Along with the excitement of the target vacation spot come the anxiety, stress and delays of hours in traffic and succumbing to road rage. But what can one do other than completely surrender?

YOGA for Road Trips…from rage and eye strain to leg cramps and back aches, a long road trip and unpredictable traffic can swipe the thrill. I have put together several yoga poses and stretches to undo the tension and help you arrive awake and happy.

Eyes: concentrating and night driving are sure to cause tired, dry and heavy eyes. Try lion pose

You can do this at the wheel, also add eye circles in both directions, and consecutive blinks, you will instantly feel picked up and awake. In addition, eye warmers feel great and relieve eye strain and headaches.

Wrists: another body part often overlooked however, gripping the wheel for hours on end, and let’s not forget if there is unfavorable weather. You can go for long stretches without letting go of the wheel. Tension in the hands creates carpal tunnel syndrome and tightness in the forearms

You can’t do this one in the car but when you get to your vacation you certainly can take a second, or hold out your arm in from and gently guide your extended wrist into a 90 degree angle and feel the relief. Add simple wrist rolls in both direction and you are good to go another few exits.

Shoulders easily “shoulder” the burden of a responsible driver. Sitting tall in the driver’s seat roll your shoulders up back and down as big as you can 10x in each direction. Breathe deep as you do this the oxygen will refresh you, open the window too. Add some simple shoulder shrugs this can effortlessly be done behind the wheel. When you get out of the car try happy cow armsthis looks intimidating however if you cannot reach the hands use a strap, a jacket, or a sock to help you.

Back, the poor back…

While driving at a stop light or a bathroom break will rejuvenate the back and get your ready to roll.

Chest openers are crucial to add due to poor posture that is inevitable even for the best intentionedfeel the instant effects of a rush of oxygen and a revived spine

Breathing …ah breathing…three part yogic breath Full Yogic breathing

This combines the above 2 steps in the following way:
First inhale by filling the abdomen and then CONTINUE inhaling as you expand and fill the chest. Then exhale first from the chest as it empties and falls and then CONTINUE exhaling from the abdomen as it draws inwards completely. This is one round of the full yogic breath. Repeat this for 20 rounds

Arrive revived and refreshed…

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