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Archive for January 2012

Pose of the Month – Bow Pose

Dhanurasana By Gwen Lawrence   By all appearances Bow pose looks like a very challenging advanced pose. Bow is a great therapeutic pose for those with lives that are always on the move and putting us in positions of leaning forward or bending forward. The best way to undo a slouchy posture or long day…

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Pose of the Month – Bridge Pose

Pose of the Month: Bridge Setubandhasana By Gwen Lawrence   Bridge pose is classified as a backbend, however it should be considered as an assessment pose, as well as a great therapeutic pose. Bridge is a pose accessible to practitioners of all levels, and should not be overlooked by advanced yogis and athletes.   How…

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Pose of the Month – Shoulder Stand

Pose of the Month: Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana By Gwen Lawrence Sometimes called the candle pose, or Queen pose. Shoulder stand translated from the Sanskrit name is “all Limbed” or “whole body.” It is named due to the benefits it provides to the entire body. Shoulder stand has many roles among them—relaxation pose, inversion pose, and…

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Pose of the Month – Upward Facing Dog

Urdvah Mukha Svanasana By Gwen Lawrence   Aside from downward dog, upward facing dog is one of the most widely known and recognized yoga poses. Usually upward dog is done during the Sun Salutation Series.’ Upward dog has several functions, benefits and therapeutic uses. It is the cousin to the Cobra pose and is considered…

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Pose of the Month – Plank Pose

By Gwen Lawrence   A very basic pose used widely in the Yoga world as well as the sports world. Although this pose looks to be an insignificant transition move, it is a critical pose to asses your body. This pose like several in yoga tend to go untaught and teachers hold and assumption that…

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