Yoga Expert on the Go

Yoga Expert on the Go
By: Gwen Lawrence

Teaching My fabulous Soccer Moms to My Professional athletes, including my World Champion New York Giants, Traveling from conference to conference and watching My own teenagers play keeps me, a Working Celebrity Yoga Coach Mom of three teenage boys ON THE GO!!

No matter how packed my day is it is not an option to skip a workout. I want to inspire you to fit in yoga and fitness no matter the stress of the day. A saying in my house is “If mama a’int happy a’int nobody happy” and that means carving time for my health and wellness.

Try this quick sequence to squeeze some small moves that will over time make a big impact on your muscle tone and flexibility. At the same time these moves will improve your breathing by opening the ribs and lungs. Anytime your breathe well and deep you increase oxygenation and function of the body, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

If you don’t have time for the sequence then pick a move or two, so no days pass you by with out some movement and opening. This sequence is also a great go to for long days at your desk to open the spine and rejuvenate the posture. The same is true if you are like me and go from planes to cars to get to your clients.


  • Start in standing mountain pose
  • Standing forward bend, to plank, chaturanga, up dog to down dog
  • Right foot forward into runners lunge, push off the back toes ten times
  • Bring hands to the floor on the inside of the right foot and hold for one minute, (more advanced students can go down to your forearms)
  • Come back upright and bring left arm on the outside of the right thigh for prayer lunging twist
  • Press back to plank chaturanga, updog and dog
  • Repeat other side
  • Walk or jump into squat and hold 1 minute

If you have time repeat the sequence 1-10 times!!! Feel the heart rate and respiration increase pores open and stress dissolve

Need more?

  • From down dog, come forward plank lower to your belly
  • Try nice deep bow pose to open the chest shoulders and back from all the long desk hours.
  • Release, press to pigeon pose and hold for 2 minutes. All the tightness in the hip will soften and the hips will open helping to release the anxiety of the traveling day.
  • Come out of pigeon to seated easy cross leg and bring right arm up to the sky and behind your back, left arm around back and up and connect the hands for happy cow arms, if your hands do not connect use a strap until they do one day and hold for 2 minutes
  • Gently release and do the other side
  • Again, if time allows do this sequence several times on each side.

Relish the ride…If you need more guidance check out, look for my Yoga for Runners DVD or Fit Body Yoga.

There is never an excuse to not be fit, healthy and happy



Stay inspired!!!