Pro Football Interview with NY Giants 2 time SuperBowl Champion Kevin Boothe

#77 NY Giant Kevin Boothe says:

• Do you have any pregame rituals?
I would say no, but I guess I do. I always put on my gloves to make sure they fit perfectly. I will also put my pads in my pants starting with the right thigh pad.

• How do you stay hydrated before and during a game?
I drink plenty of water and Gatorade for a couple of days leading up to the game. On game day, I usually drink a Pedialyte in the locker room a few hours before kickoff.

• If you would tell a kid NEVER EAT……. What would it be and why?
I eat everything ☹

• What is your favorite game day meal?
If it is a 1 PM kickoff, it is usually an omelet or scramble with ham, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. If it is a later game, I will usually eat pasta with meat sauce, turkey, and a vegetable.

do you have any funny superstitions? Do you know where I came from was it an experience you had?
I guess it would be what I answered for the pregame ritual. No clue where it came from, I just seem to do it every time.

• What is your favorite way to spend players day off?
It is usually being able to hang out with my family, and catch up on things

• Would you let your “son” play football?
Sure, if he wants to play, I’d let him play. I would make sure if it was youth football, that the league was functioning the right way with capable coaches.

• What inspires lifts or moves you?
I think it is to be a champion. I am fortunate to have won a couple of Super Bowls, and it is a feeling that you want again and again.

• If fear or money were not a factor what would you do tomorrow?
Probably what I am doing now. I love it.

• Do you have a major life shifting moment yet?
It was probably the birth of my first child. You have the added responsibility as well as the realization that you are doing everything for them.

• What is the best part of playing pro, and what is the worst part?
The best part is winning the Super Bowl, by far. The worst is probably not playing well individually or as a team and having to deal with the media

• If you were not a Pro player what would you have become?
Probably working in the financial world, or in the hospitality industry

• What is your favorite word?