Yoga Journal and Gwen offer tips for Super Bowl Sunday

6 Yoga Tips for a Great Superbowl Sunday

No matter which team you’re rooting for, this weekend’s game is bound to be tense. Try these moves pulled straight from the yoga playbook to maintain your yogi calm.

By Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman
super bowl
Yogi Johnson’s Yoga Class, a submission for Doritos’ Crash the Superbowl 2014 ad contest.

Tuning in to see the Seahawks vs. the Broncos on Sunday? Or are you just in it for the salty snacks and commercials? Either way, if you’re among the 100 million-plus Americans expected to check out Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend, you’re likely to experience some soaring highs and crushing lows. Take these 6 tips from the yoga playbook to flow through the game with serenity:

Your team is down (and you bet your paycheck in the office pool). Keep your spirits up by doing Dolphin Pose. “This is a great inversion option because there is no stress on the neck,” says Gwen Lawrence, yoga coach for the New York Giants and many other athletes and celebrities. It battles the blues by “giving the brain a fresh flush of blood and oxygen adds,” she explains—and it’s a great homage to one of her favorite NFL teams.

Your partner is rooting for Seattle, even though he knows you’re a Denver girl. Avoid a Sunday night spat by doing breathwork. “I always turn to breathing techniques before I feel anxiety creep in or before I feel like I may blow my stack,” Lawrence notes. “It gives me a rush of oxygen and an opportunity to think clearly and collect my thoughts.”

Bruno Mars’ halftime show rocked! Celebrate with a Sun Salutation. “Sun Salutes are a great way to flow with music,” says Lawrence. “It is not unlikely to come to one of my classes and salute to old Madonna or Kid Rock. This flow feels like a dance, and it’s plain old fun!”

You were underwhelmed by Bruno and the Chili Peppers, AND your team is down. Shake it off by doing your favorite pose. “I would bang out an arm balance that demands my attention, and makes me realize things are not that bad,” says Lawrence.

You ate too many nachos and you’re already regretting it. Plan for Kathryn Budig’s Twist and Detox before work on Monday, to help clear out the gunk and soothe digestion. “A must-do to give your body a chance to recover,” says Lawrence.

You can’t sleep after the big game. Unwind with a soothing Moon Salutation. You’ll feel calmed by embracing the moon’s clear, calm energy—especially if your team lost.