NY Giants Chris Snee tells some secrets

I asked Chris Snee my Yogi and friend for years now some secrets to his success…

1.• Do you have any pregame rituals? The thing I have to do before every game is call my wife and 3 boys right before I leave my hotel room. They have to wish me good luck!

2. I drink a lot of water all week. Hydration is important everyday On game day, I alternate water and Gatorade throughout the game.

3.• If you would tell a kid NEVER EAT……. What would it be and why?My kids eat very healthy. We try to keep them away from desserts and fried food but also understand that they are kids. It’s ok for them to have a treat on occasion

4.Do you eat any special foods on game day? do you have any superstitions? I love a big breakfast on game day. If we have a night game, I can really go crazy! Omelet is always on my menu though

A superstition of mine is I have to put things on my right side first. Sock, shoe, tape, glove, etc…I honestly don’t recall where it came from or why?

5. what do you do on your off days? I spend my day off with my kids. I enjoy every minute with them.

6.Will you let your boys play football if they want to? I will let my boys play football when they get to a certain age. Let their bodies develop first. Football has been great to me and my family.

7.I’ve always been a competitive person. Whatever I do, I want to be the best
at it. I also take pride in doing things the right way. The way I was taught.

8. can you tell me a major life shifting moment in your life? I think the major life shifting moments have been the birth of my children. Each addition brought new challenges. Every action has to be done with them in mind.

9.• What is the best part of playing pro, and what is the worst part? The best part of playing pro football is that I’m playing a game for a living. I literally have my dream job. I feel fortunate that I’m able to say that.
The worst part is the toll it takes on my body. However I knew that when I signed up in 9th grade.

10.• If you were not a Pro player what would you have become? If I didn’t make it to the NFL, I have a degree in accounting. I could see myself as an accounting teacher and high school football coach

11.• What is your favorite word? my favorite word to use is “really”. I’m trying to break that habit.

Thanks Chris!!!