NY Giants Henry Hynoski tells us some truths and insight on his Pro world

Henry shares:

•Do you have any pregame rituals? At least 8 hrs of sleep, Listen to my music and eat a healthy nutritious meal with the right amount of protein and carbs

How do you stay hydrated before and during a game?
Gatorade, pedialyte, water before game and sports drinks and water consistently throughout game and post game

If you would tell a kid NEVER EAT……. What would it be and why? Wings/fried food-terrible for your health due to grease.

What is your favorite game day meal? Steak and pasta

do you have any funny superstitions? Do you know where I came from was it an experience you had? Have to specific warm ups and drills on the field before our team warms up

What is your favorite way to spend players day off? Workout, recover my body in sauna and cold/hot tubs, start film work on next opponent

•Would you let your “son” play football? Absolutely but only if he wanted to. Would never force sports on my future children but I believe sports build character and confidence and give kids great opportunities to succeed in life

What inspires lifts or moves you?
People, especially children who have health issues. I gain strength from admiring those who are less fortunate than me and fight every day to get better and healthy. It Puts things in perspective. I only hope I can give them the same admiration through my play that they give me!

If fear or money were not a factor what would you do tomorrow? Exactly what I’m doing right now! Could not ask for more I am blessed with living my dream!

Do you have a major life shifting moment yet? Winning the Super Bowl! Was the ultimate dream my whole life ever since I knew what football was. I got to live it first hand!

What is the best part of playing pro, and what is the worst part? Best: Being around my great teammates coaches and organization that I play for. Also seeing how happy/proud my family is for me
Worst: seeing players get injured or cut from there team

•If you were not a Pro player what would you have become? Doctor Pharmacist or dentist

•What is your favorite word? I have lots!