NY Giants Justin Pugh answers some questions with Gwen

· Do you have any pregame rituals?

o I always get in the cold tub before games to help wake up/shock my muscles. Always end in the hot tub though/

o I always listen to Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney as I ride to the stadium

· How do you stay hydrated before and during a game?

Constantly drinking even when you are not thirsty. We usually will have pedialyte available which I try to drink 2 before game day. During the game I constantly drink Gatorade and water between series on the field.

· If you would tell a kid NEVER EAT……. What would it be and why?

o Try to avoid the fast food, candy and soda. It is ok to have it once and a while but in the long run these items should not be a consistent part of your diet.

· What is your favorite game day meal?

o I love to have my eggs in the morning and I always bring pasta with me to the stadium to eat while I’m getting ready.

· do you have any funny superstitions? Do you know where I came from was it an experience you had?

o I always tie my cleats out on the field during warm ups and I always spray water on my face during the coin flip right before I head onto the field.

· What is your favorite way to spend players day off?

o Doing yoga is something that I’ve found to be extremely helpful along with the cold tub and massage therapy.

· Would you let your “son” play football?

o I would love for my son to play football because of everything it has given me in my life. I would also want him to play baseball because those contracts are always fully guaranteed!

· What inspires lifts or moves you?

o My family and friends are my biggest motivators, I always want to make them happy and football provides a great way to bring us all together.

· If fear or money were not a factor what would you do tomorrow?

o I would love to travel the world and experience all the cultures. I think this is something I will do in the offseason.

· Do you have a major life shifting moment yet?

o Losing my father at 13 definitely opened my eyes to how quickly life can be taken from someone. I try to live life to the fullest and cherish my loved ones daily.

· What is the best part of playing pro, and what is the worst part?

o The best part is the influence you have in the community and how much of an impact we have that most guys in their communities. This is a double edge sword because you have to be very careful because everything you do is under a microscope. Using the platform we have for helping people is essential!

· If you were not a Pro player what would you have become?

o I think I would of gotten involved Finance and the markets. I would enjoy working with athletes as well.

· What is your favorite word?

o “Bro” I hate to admit it but when I’m talking I use the word entirely too much. “Don’t Bro me if you don’t know me”