BY Gwen Lawrence

Going to yoga should not be taken lightly there are several things a new person to yoga should consider before attempting to ad yoga to their workout regime. Don’t be scared when venturing by consider these mistakes others have made so you can get the best experience.

Top three mistakes yoga mistakes beginners make:
• Not researching the teacher and type of class: make NO mistake winging it with a teacher is a huge mistake to make, many teachers are trained in a weekend now which does not leave them even close to skilled enough to teach and mold a beginner to proper form, as well taking a class you have not right to be taking, make sure you attend a beginner class so you get the instruction and attention you deserve.
• Doing yoga right after eating: yoga puts you in very twisty compromising situations that can disrupt digestion, as well if the body is sending blood to the muscles to work for you it will not be properly digestion the food and lead to issues.
• Not checking their ego at the door: this is so crucial to yoga, even the toughest yoga class is judgment free zoning and you are there to push challenge and heal YOUR body not your neighbors.

The next top mistakes are:
• Honoring the process: each pose has an entire system of learning step by step, never skip a step on any given day this can lead to injury. If one day your balance is great and your back aligned and you do headstand that’s great but the next day you have a bad day you fell down in the parking lot hurt your back then you go to yoga and ASSUME you are the same as yesterday and you try headstand with a distracted mind skinned knee and misaligned back and BAM you fall and blame yoga.
• You don’t listen to your body: yoga is about being present and listening and if you are distracted and arguing with your intuition you can easily push too far and over stretch.
• Holding your breath: yoga is rooted in working with the breath and body, holding your breath will not only make you faint it is detrimental to how your musculature opens and releases.
• Perhaps choosing the wrong spot: be sure you look around and are clear where the front of the class is, last thing you want is to be front and center on the first day you do yoga.
• Not asking questions: as a beginner if nobody asks questions the instructor will continue on as if all is good, utilize your teacher and ask if you are not sure, other wise you might as well do a dvd at home.
• Skip the final relaxation: many people feel it is a waste of time, but yoga soul intention is to prep you for meditation, if you do not meditate you owe it to yourself to take 5 minutes at the end of class to be still and breath.
• Bring your phone: the world will not end and the sick kid at school can wait an hour in the nurses office until you get there, you deserve the time there is a saying in my house “if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” and doesn’t the flight attendant tell you to give yourself the oxygen mask before helping your child? You are a better person as a calm cool collected person, take an hour and unplug.