22 A DAY

22 a Day

No this is not the amount of grams a sugar you are allowed everyday,
nor is it the ounce count per day for protein, or water…

THIS is the number of our US service men and women that commit suicide PER DAY.

They make it through the peril, they change the way we are able to live our lives, the reason I am home comfortably at my computer is because of their pledge to service, their intense vow and promise to follow through for our safety well being and way of life. Our freedom of speech, our freedom to choose and design our lives is because of them, their unending sacrifice of the time they spend with family, the safety of their own bodies and their best friends’, is unthinkable. Yet they come home to nothingness, lack of support, lack of community and severe mental health issues. They come home thinking they were better off staying in harms way and not leaving their brothers and sisters with one less set of eyes.
We all need to do one thing, per year per month per week per day to commit to their well-being, safety and healing.

22 per day, 22 per day, 22 per day. That is too many.

I will chant it all day until I am heard and things change
What will you do this year?
I am going to hospitals to teach vets and give them the opportunity to learn mindfulness; I am working with Stand Up for Hero’s and my life will never be the same. I am designing a program and campaign for this cause.
If you love your life, if you love your family, if you love the freedom to go about your day, each day without worry or threats, remember 22 a day, and do one thing.
If you commit a crime, go to jail and then get released, you go to a halfway house to learn to fit in again, to find your way in a world you have been separated from. If you are a brave beyond belief, selfless beyond compare service man or woman you go home, you are on your own. Does this make sense to you?
This is unthinkable, unfair, and unreal. Our society worships at the feet of actors and athletes, constantly gives awards honors and accolades to these people the thought of this is ridiculous. We should be thinking about the reason for our way of life and the actors and athletes are secondary.
Do something today.