Mindful Athlete

The Way of the Mindful Athlete Course

Thank you for your interest check out what we will learn!

You will learn The Way of the Mindful Athlete course. Not only will this course up your

game and earning potential with your athletes from high school through to the pro’s it is

completely applicable to ALL your clients no matter what they do for a living, as well as

the techniques being a game changer for your own life and coping skills!!!

IN ADDITION the big bonus is;

You will learn thee course I designed and wrote for the NY Giants coaching staff and

players, but you will learn at home at your own pace, and it is a designed curriculum

style so you can take it on the road and teach the course to your athletes and clients!!!


right away

Here is an overview of the Mindful Athlete

Mindfulness Coaching for Athletes, creating our mindfulness toolbox (6 tools)

The course is meticulously designed to be user friendly and immediately enforceable. We will cover and experience the 6

Major tools for creating a better, more present successful life.

All these strategies negate the temptation to impede attentiveness and therefore lead to happier lives therefore being a

better player, teammate, family man/woman and friend.

The overall GOAL of mindfulness is simple yet needs constant cultivation. The goal is to be present in the now, not to

dwell and live in tragedy of the past or the uncertainty on the future of which cannot be changed or predetermined and

therefor cause high levels of anxiety and a lack of concentration and poor performance as a person and whatever job you

have. The only thing you have control of is the NOW so be the best person you can be, on a day to day basis, making the

best decisions you can each day and lead a simpler life that is more enjoyable and notices dis-ease before it becomes


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