Recently I released ALL my power Yoga for Sports Videos for FREE!!!!

I take all potential students very seriously and want to help you all get to the next level!

It is a goal for me this year to add several sports to my repertoire basketball being one, since I work with the Knicks for so long.


You can view these all FREE now on my APP. My app is power yoga for sports.

Also you can view all of them on my You Tube channel, Gwen Lawrence yoga or here:

Enjoy and help me spread the word…share the links with your friends

Check my site…coming soon 10-12 Power Yoga for Sports tm, Sport Kits all you need to train with me at home!!!!


Just for fun watch this

Power Yoga for Sports Highlights



Power Yoga For Sports DVD – Baseball Edition.wmv





Power Yoga for Sports – Soccer



Power Yoga For Sports – Golf DVD


Football strength stability

Power Yoga for Sports – Football DVD – Strength & Stability.wmv


Football speed agility

Power Yoga for Sports – Football DVD – Speed & Agililty



Power Yoga For Sports – Tennis



Power Yoga For Sports – Runners DVD


Regeneration, pre or post game routine

A regeneration routine OR pre game for your power yoga for sports team



Another regeneration/pre or post game

Another pre game or regeneration day yoga routine by Power Yoga for Sports