A Statement About the NY Giants and Gwen

Following the recent injuries to many of the NY Giants I have been asked by many “what is going on ? “

Despite that it has been my honor and privilege along with much dedicated work and study, I am informing those who have been concerned that I have not been working with the Giants since the end of last season. So to answer the question; ” I dont know”.

After 18 years and 2 superbowl rings it was Coach Mcadoos decision apart of his regime changes to not have me come back. I was disappointed and upset, but accepted the decision and moved on knowing my years there helping players on a regular basis and helping them stay healthy and perform at a higher level was very satisfying.

I acknowledge the great Coach Coughlin for seeing the value I offered the team all those years. Coach was ahead of his time, and despite being the “old school disciplinarian” he was also very innovative and well respected. So much so that he had me work with the entire team prior to practice on Monday’s to help regeneration and recovery along with my normal group sessions on Fridays to prepare for game day and mandatory rookie sessions each week. Regulars to all my sessions were: Eli, OBJ, Shepard, Nassib, Cruz, Cassillas, Wynn, Bromley, Pugh and many other greats as well as some Coaches and Staff.

Is it coincidence that so many are being injured because I am no longer there? It would be very selfish of me to think I had that much impact on the health of players, but then again, I can’t remember since I have been there seeing this many injuries, particularly of those who came to work with me on a regular basis.

I DO KNOW that many injuries are less severe with shorter healing times for players that do regular yoga with me. I have lived the truth of this.
I DO KNOW that the Power Yoga for Sports programming is precise clear and very different than regular yoga.
I DO KNOW that teaching high level athletes is very difficult and teachers need to be taught in a different way with a different more militant approach and full confidence in your capabilities.
I DO KNOW teachers who teach pro athletes must be trained long and hard. That’s why I have trainees in 18 countries now and 26 states.
I am sad by the injuries and tone of the team.
I DO KNOW not just any yoga teacher will be even remotely effective at teaching athletes not to mention Professional athletes