“ Since I was a little girl I was entranced by the power of crystals and gems, as an adult I am an avid practitioner/user of their influence in our universe and life. Before I became aware of VitaJuwel I would awkwardly place loose gems in bottles to create gem water for different ailments. Vita Juwel is integral to motivate me during my busy yoga life to drink the healthiest, balanced, charged water I can, naturally!”

These amazing vessels will help you vibrate at a high level! As an avid user of my VitaJuwel water bottle, I am proud to be an Ambassador for their brand! Beginning in June, 2019 use the promo code POWERYOGA for a chance at a monthly draw through August 31, 2019. For every purchase made with the promo code you will be entered to win a Forever Young ViA bottle with loop. $134 Value. There will be 3 winners (1 per month).

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