“Alignmed products can take your life and practice to the next level, a misaligned body is destined for injury and pain, whether you are pitching on the mound or running errands it is imperative you are in alignment to allow ease of movement, less pain and to stay proactive to health not reactive to injury, I stand in alignment with Alignmed’s mission, try it you will not be sorry!”

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AlignMed is a company dedicated to engineer clothing that serves a function and improves quality of life for people of all ages and gender. They build and test apparel that can validate a measurable response throughout the entire body. As a result of the efforts and insights of many, AlignMed’s knowledge of fabric position, movement and resistance is unsurpassed. We use this knowledge to construct functional apparel that works with your body to relieve pain, increase performance, endurance and recovery. Not to mention, the increase in confidence and poise that good posture brings.