Chill Cryo

“I never knew much about cryotherapy until CHILL, from the full body and its profound recovery effects I feel, and the local treatments. I had chronic achilles tendinitis for 2 years, after 6 local treatments I felt 100% and still do! I fully recommend it to everybody from my pro athletes, weekend runners, mom yogi’s, high school athletes to anybody looking for a little of its many benefits.”

Sometimes you just need to stand still and be.  
Let your body repair, relax and rejuvenate. Leave stress and sleeplessness out in the cold. 
Make time to Chill. 

Offer: Power Yoga for Sports First Time Free Cryo Session at Chill Cryo in Rye Brook, NY
One whole body, local cryotherapy or cryo facial session.

* Must email to book appointment, request and receive Power Yoga for Sports free cryo session.  
New customer/first time visit only. Not valid for walk in or online appointments.

Cryotherapy Benefits

  • Speeds up body’s recovery, alleviating pain, and reducing inflammation
  • Faster muscle recovery from competitive sports or training
  • Allows more intense training and post-therapy sports activity
  • Improves joint function and muscle strength
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Strengthens immune system and helps with detoxification
  • Increases endorphins leaving you feeling elated and with a boost in energy

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