PYFS Trainee of the Month April

Kim Galbraith, E-RYT, YACEP,  Power Yoga for Sports™ Elite,  Athletic Performance & Recovery CoachLDY Athletics, Ventura County, Santa Clarita Valley and West San Fernando Valley, California

Kim’s journey into yoga was one born out of her desire to manage her own injuries and ailments.  She will readily tell you that she “waited far too long” to discover this ancient practice. When she signed up for her first teacher training workshop it was really with the intent to just deepen her own knowledge and practice – not to teach others.  Seventeen years later, her quest for knowledge has not diminished and she is fueled by the need to pass her experiences on to others.

As a former high school volleyball and basketball player herself, a mom of former high school athletes, and a lover of all sports, she recognized early on in her training how this practice could affect change in the athletic arena.  Gwen’s Power Yoga for Sports™ program connected all the dots for her!

The demanding role of the athlete has caused coaches and trainers to expand their traditional training and conditioning regimes to include mobility, recovery and pliability techniques in order to keep their players healthy. Kim’s D1 college and high school clients are quick to recognize that by adding sport and position-specific yoga postures (Power Yoga for Sports™), myofascial release techniques (with Yoga Tune-Up® balls), Somatic mobility exercises (Hanna Somatics), coupled with breath and meditation practices they can really level up their physical performance and mental game.

Kim is the current Director of Athletic Recovery for the Moorpark High School basketball team in Moorpark, CA working closely with a well-regarded coaching staff, as well as the yoga coach for a number of high school/college athletes in the area.  Kim has been a yoga educator for the past 6 years teaching classes and workshops for all ages – including preschoolers and seniors, for youth organizations like Girl and Boy Scouts, yoga for Physical Education and Biology students at several high schools, and for the County of Ventura Wellness Program.  

Kim currently teaches weekly at her private home studio, at Yoga Nook in Simi Valley, Fitness 19 in Moorpark and EPIC Fitness in Simi Valley and has been on the faculty for the Yoga Nook Teacher Training program for the past 4 years and is also certified to teach Power Yoga for Sports™ live trainings through Gwen’s registered yoga school.

Kim utilizes a variety of methods to get the best results for her athletic clients to complement their training and performance based on their individual needs.  She teaches workshops for mindfulness meditation, breath mechanics, and mind-body awareness techniques to help with the mental side of sports and student life.

Kim is also a website designer with 21+ years of technology experience working for Fortune 500 companies like Disney and Bank of America and continues to work in the technology field as a consultant along with her teaching practice.  Often, she points out similarities between the two fields – each involves a level of analysis – working to find the right solution/tool on a case by case basis through thoughtful observation, listening and interaction with her clients.  She currently lives in Simi Valley, CA with her husband and the family dog Buster.  She has two grown sons living nearby and working in the entertainment industry.

Goal for 2020:  Continue to expand my reach to local high school and college athletes.  Introduce breath and mindfulness training outreach program to high schools for all students and teachers (not just athletic students).

Looking forward to introducing my collab with Gwen on Power Yoga For Sports for Business in the next month!!

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