PYFS Trainee of the Month May


Jim Berti lives in Niskayuna, NY, in Upstate New York.

Look for Jim’s PYFS Course on Meditation coming soon!

500 hour certified

PYFS Elite

Jim has been associated with athletics since his youthful days of whiffle ball, street football, and catch with dad. Playing both baseball and football through high school (South Colonie Central) and a few snaps of at the collegiate level (Cortland State) helped Jim discover the necessity for hard work and focused determination in an effort to compete with athletes who were much more gifted. After college, Jim spent a few years coaching football at the high school level before burning out. During a particular rough patch of life, Jim wandered into a yoga studio (The Hot Yoga Spot, Albany, NY) in hopes of finding something to make him feel better about himself. Although he cried when he tried to touch his toes, Jim had found what he was looking for. Yoga was more than just stretching, it was about determination. Determination to come to your mat when you’re sore, tired, and the excuse maker is working at full tilt. Jim took to yoga like he took to sports as a kid, with a desire to practice and get better everyday.                                                   

 The teacher/coach inside of Jim motivated him to pursue his yoga teaching certificate, which he did, completing his 200-hour training from the gifted Aaron Styles of Styles Yoga. In 2015 Jim met Gwen Lawrence at a yoga festival in Bethel Woods, New York. Jim and Gwen kept correspondence and when Jim received his 200-hour training in 2016 he immediately hooked up with Power Yoga for Sports. After completion of Gwen’s PYFS Teacher Training Level I and II, Jim studied further with Gwen, completing his 300-hour training with her in 2017. Shortly after, Jim completed PYFS Elite Training and now he is ready to put all his training to use. 

Jim believes that what separates elite athletes from all the rest is how the athlete uses both mind and body. Jim’s yoga emphasizes proper alignment, being anatomically sound, and a focused concentration on what is happening inside the body rather than everything happening outside. A school teacher for 20 years (North Coloine Central School District), Jim’s goal for the athletes he works with is the same goal he has for his American History students, to put everyone in the best position for success. 

Jim would like to thank Gwen Lawrence, his nerdy sports soulmate, for all her knowledge and teachings. She has helped to put him in a better position for success in life. 

Jim is ready to work with you. Whatever your sport, if you want to “up” your game and you are committed to the effort needed to push yourself, he is ready to work with. Jim can personalize a routine for you through Facetime and Zoom. Let’s go!!

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