~ Advance your teaching skills ~

RYT 500-Hour Training

An advanced Yoga Teacher Training gives you a deeper set of skills, insights, and ability to bring to your trainings and personal practice. An advanced training is not about advanced asana performance but rather sharpening the skills required to the highest quality of teacher. It will give you a profoundly improved understanding of specified skills, your voice, and electives while increasing your confidence as a teacher.

The time frame of completion is estimated at a year and a half, but not guaranteed. Students will not graduate before a full grasp of curriculum is proven and all assignments completed to the highest quality.

This nearly 700-hour program builds upon the solid 200+ previous certification program.





• 200 hour accredited Yoga Teacher Training
• Minimum of 3 years of teaching experience
• Accepted application
• Teaching Goals

Technique Training


  • Required reading
  • Discussion in great detail on sequencing
  • Designing classes for all levels, philosophy, structure of class by different category.
  • Meditation: sharpening your skill and understanding, why meditate, pathways of meditation, journaling, trouble shooting,


Anatomy and Physiology

Required reading, topics of emphasis include:

  • Back: care, caution, ailments, structure.
  • Pelvis: structure, issues and injury.
  • Psoas: anatomy and biomechanics low back pain, structure, chakra association.
  • Shoulder: structure, problems conditions, preventions, injury, range of motion, self massage techniques.



  • Class assists
  • Class observations
  • Writing, discussion, and taped classes the candidate teachers for critique and part of final exam.

In addition this section will require a log of 20 classes taught by the candidate including classes with required themes, writing and discussion.


Teaching Methodology

This section requires required reading and discussions on Role of Teacher:

  • mentorships,
  • ethics and ethical behavior.

Business of Yoga:

  • insurance
  • alliances
  • sign-in
  • newsletters
  • waivers


Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyles & Ethics

This section entails required reading and will be held book club style. Readings will be from amazing authors of 9 books including topics like:

  • Myths of the Asanas
  • Yoga Sutras
  • The Yoga Tradition

Required Electives

Mini workshops topics including:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Flexibility,
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Chair Yoga
  • Wall Yoga
  • Yoga and Ayurveda


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