PYFS Trainee of the Month April

Apr 1, 2020

Kim Galbraith, E-RYT, YACEP,  Power Yoga for Sports™ Elite,  Athletic Performance & Recovery CoachLDY Athletics, Ventura County, Santa Clarita Valley and West San Fernando Valley, California Kim’s journey into yoga was one born out of her desire to manage her own injuries and ailments.  She will readily tell you that she “waited far too long” to discover…

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Facts on Frozen Shoulder

Mar 30, 2020

Cold hard facts on FROZEN SHOULDER By Gwen Lawrence Commonly referred to as “frozen shoulder” is a condition that causes restriction in motion. There is a capsule that surrounds this shallow ball and socket joint, frozen shoulder is the contraction of this capsule which will cause scar tissue to form and inevitable without treatment limit…

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Stuff I like…

Mar 26, 2020 Dyson does it again, I want to try this! Awesome book, its a reminder, it is fun, easy to read, and takes you on a full journey of self discovery now that I am home I am chipping away on projects I didn’t want to face 1. will 2. directive 3. power…

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Book Club Recommendation

Mar 19, 2020

I think every person should read about this hidden danger in our own homes especially when we are in lockdown. There are things you can do to help! I also recommend Dr. Mercola website, it is insightful and smart!

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Yoga for Athletes | Flexibilty for Warriors

Mar 9, 2020

Most people, especially athletes come to yoga with the intention of increasing flexibility. The truth is yoga offers so much more as far as benefits to athletes on the field of play. Balance, strength, flexibility, refined breathing techniques, mental toughness, and visualization of their goals. Today, let’s focus on the suppleness, flexibility aspect. I hear…

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