Yoga Move of the Week – Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg

Opposite Arm Opposite Leg This move will open the hamstrings, hips and shoulders and warm up the core. The best part about ti is you can quickly assess your tighter hamstring and how it can affect your back. keep your head on the ground the whole time, gently press your low back on the floor…

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PYFS Yin Pose for the Week…Frog

Yin Pose of the Week - Frog

Yin Pose of the Week Frog This pose is the king pin of groin release and to lessen the chance of injury to the knees. It will challenge your mental toughness when you hold it for 5-10 minutes!!!! Sink in and breathe. #PYFS=Saving athletes Pain of injury Loss of playing time Anguish of loss of…

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Yin Pose of the Week…Lying Spinal Twist

Yin Pose of the Week - Spinal Twist

Yin Pose of the Week Lying Spinal Twist What a relief on the back this is, it also opens the anterior deltoid and chest, aligning the spine. I prefer to do this 5 minutes on each side for real depth of release. This pose can be considered a detox so drink lots of water after.…

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Audible Yoga

Audible Yoga Classes with Gwen Lawrence

Practice yoga wherever you are this summer!

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Yin Pose of the Week…Plow Pose

Yin Pose of the Week - Plow

Yin Pose of the Week Plow Pose This deep posterior spine opener affects the base of the skull all the way to the achilles tendon. It is a mild inversion too, so it flushes the brain with blood and axing and helps sinus issues. Snuggle the shoulders under as much as you can in order…

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Yin Pose of the Week – Heroes Pose

Gwen Heroes Pose with Toes Tucked

Yin Pose of the Month Hero’s Toes Tucked as innocent as it seems this tiny little 2-3 minute hold packs a powerful punch. It opens the plantar fascia, stretches the calves and opens the achilles tendon all to reduce injury, give more power to push off, lessen knee strain, help the athlete to turn and…

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