"The Yankees have utilized Gwen Lawrence’s services as an alternative way of proving the core stabilizations program of our players through her system of Power Yoga for Sports. I have found her to be extremely professional and look forward to working with her more.”
- Brian Cashman

"The fact that Gwen knows the sports, she takes the time to get to know the different positions and different needs of the specific athlete she’s working with. And, I think that’s what sets Power Yoga for Sports apart…It’s just one of those things that I gotta incorporate into my life everyday.”
- Amani Toomer

“Gwen has been the Yoga coach for the New York Giants all of the years I’ve been in the franchise. Our players flock to her sessions to improve their flexibility, balance and breathing awareness. She has had a tremendous impact on our performance enhancement.”
- Bill Sheridan, Assistant Coach, New York Giants

“I really loved my 5 years of yoga sessions with Gwen Lawrence. She is a great teacher and helps you achieve whatever goals you set. She is always positive and in a great mood which makes her sessions that much better!”
-Prince Amukamora

“I feel that I get the most benefits from Gwen Lawrence’s yoga as part of my recovery routine, with her restorative post game yoga. I find my soreness reduced and I gained flexibility and feel ready for the week ahead!”
-Kerry Wynne

“I have been doing yoga with Gwen Lawrence for the past 6 years, and find it to be a necessary part of my training routine. Gwen takes her time to guide each of us through every one of the positions thoroughly explaining the importance of each stretch. Gwen is personable, knowledgeable and brings a gentle spirit to each class.”
- Mark Herzlich

“Since coming to the NY Giants, working with Gwen Lawrence has been a great addition for me in my training and recovery routines. Her yoga sessions allow me to set aside time to focus solely on improving flexibility strength and power through movements designed perfectly for football players.”
- Ryan Nassib

“We have been a client of Gwen Lawrence’s for twelve years and cannot give her a stronger recommendation. She has given us a tremendous boost in taking care of our various aches and pains and sports injuries over the years.”
- Joy & Regis Philbin

"Gwen is Great, she ALWAYS makes you feel like you can do it!”
- Hoda Kotb

“I have worked with Gwen for only a couple of months and I have recognized tremendous gains in my flexibility, core strength and balance which are essential to staying healthy and explosive. I consider myself lucky to have learned as much from Gwen as I have in such a short time."
- Kevin Booth, Offensive Guard, New York Giants

“I had some unusual thoughts and preconceived notions about what yoga was really going to be and she kinda wiped those totally out…I really felt like it was going to be breathing and light stretching, but nothing could have been further than the truth."
- Shaun O’Hara, Offensive Lineman, New York Giants

Yoga for the pro athlete in everyone!


In case you are wondering what you get in each kit, check out this video for all the details.  They are all full of information about sport specific yoga, mindfulness training and wellness for athletes at any level!  Easy to follow videos so that any athlete can add yoga to their training regimen at home.  Great for PE teachers, coaching staff or team trainers!  Parents of student athletes that want to give your son or daughter a leading edge in their sports can easily implement my methods from these kits.

Many sports to choose from baseball, basketball, football, soccer, runners, hurdlers, swimming, golf, skiing, hockey, wrestling, cycling, tennis, lacrosse, and rowing!

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  • Sports & Player Specific Yoga Training
  • Avoid Injury, Gain Strength and Flexibility and Play at Peak Performance
  • Learn the same techniques that Gwen teaches to her most elite athletes, including the NY Giants and NY Knicks
  • These turn-key kits can be used by athletes at any level, coaches, trainers or parents that want to give their student athletes an extra edge




  • Misalignments cause injury, compensation pains and injuries
  • I'll assess your posture and help identify your areas of imbalances and asymmetries
  • Once we have identified your key strengths and weaknesses I will create a clear, personalized plan of yoga poses and movements
  • Great for rehab from surgeries or injuries

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