PYFS Trainee of the Month

Sep 1, 2020

Morghan Ansley!!! Morghan Ansley Springfield, MO and surrounding area Pure Hot Yoga Studio PYFS at Drury University for Men’s Basketball Goal for the Year – Teach 3 new sports teams / Buy into Studio       My name is Morghan. I am 35, have two amazing huskies, and a solid partner to come home to. My…

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PYFS Trainee of the Month!

Aug 3, 2020

Sarah Beerntsen DPT, CSCS, RYT 500 Saint Louis, MO Island Life Yoga Sarah obtained her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University. She has specialized in sports medication and orthopedic rehabilitation for the past 12+ years. Yoga was a natural progression, professionally and personally, to link together strength and stability with rehabilitation.  Sarah utilizes…

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Yoga Move of the Week Wrist Shakes

Jun 18, 2020

Check this link for video!

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Yoga Move of the Week – Alternating Standing Forward Bend Kicks

Jun 11, 2020

alternating standing forward bend kicks This move will strengthen the core and glutes as well as stretch the hamstrings. It helps you sync your breath with your movements so you can rest the mind. Do this move for 2-5 minutes before a yoga session or workout! Breathe USE CODE Gwen17 for a discount and to…

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Yoga Move of the Week – Boosted Leg Raises

May 7, 2020

Boosted Leg Raises This move will warm up the core and body, tone the abdominals and hip flexors and target breathing. The hips on the block not only give you a boost but it allows you to get deeper extension and therefore a better abdominal workout. Relax your shoulders and inhale on the lower, exhale…

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