What does it mean to be a Power Yoga for Sports Elite (E-PYFS) instructor?

  • You have reached the highest level of PYFS training
  • You understand the sports, the positions and the poses and how they relate to the game
  • You have mastered evaluations, injury prevention assessments and can apply them to any sport
  • Studied in-depth anatomy and movement principals of joints, muscles, symmetry, and balance

What are the benefits of being E-PYFS?

  • Title Elite PYFS Coach and use of registered trademark
  • Possibility of conducting your own PYFS Teacher Trainings
  • Free access to all PYFS Webinars and Coaching Packets being created, and ability to sell for percent share of profits these programs
  • Listed here on GwenLawrence.com with title of Elite Coach
  • Personally referred by Gwen Lawrence to relevant inquiries for your area, all level athletes
  • You will hold a 50 mile radius of location as your area, and that location Elite Power Yoga for Sports Coach
  • One social media post per year by Gwen about your program
  • Ability to participate in private PYFS Facebook group
  • Receive ALL 13 training kits free
  • Receive flow series notebook free
  • Have Gwen as your MENTOR = Priceless

*Every 2 years submit new 15 minute video for assessment to brush up on skills, and CEU, to be reviewed by Gwen or EM-PYFS


Power Yoga for Sports Elite Masters

Mystie Arnold

Mystie Arnold, PYFS Coach

Birmingham, AL

I came to yoga following years of dealing with chronic pain and fatigue. Yoga became my medicine and I decided pretty quickly I wanted to teach and train others. After teaching in the studio for several years, I began working with my son’s high school baseball team and I realized high school coaches and athletes want focused and productive strategies to maximize their abilities. I needed to give my students something more than just the basic everyday yoga flow. Enter Gwen Lawrence and Power Yoga for Sports. Gwen’s focus on the anatomy of the athlete, their sport, and their position is only part of the course material. Her ability to assess and correct imbalances to enable athletes to level up their performance makes her work and course material unique. Applying what I learned in my PYFS Teacher Training and my ten years of study under Gwen, I have built off-season, in-season, and year-long programs for youth and collegiate athletes. Gwen’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach gets to the point of the matter quickly and cuts through the fluff so my athletes trust they are getting exactly what they need in order to be the best they can be and not just going through the motions. Gwen continues to be a mentor and inspires and challenges me to be a better coach for my athletes, and a better communicator and partner with the teams’ coaches.

Athletes know practice and routine make them better, whether it is the extra miles, one more set in the weight room, or extra batting practice. Power Yoga for Sports integrates yoga into these routines in an efficient and effective way, as part of regular training and performance improvement. In addition to sport-specific poses and movements that balance strength with flexibility, PYFS incorporates breathing, focus, mental toughness, and balance that work holistically to help athletes reach a new level of excellence.

Sarah, Power Yoga for Sports Elite Master

Sarah Beerntsen DPT, CSCS, RYT-500

St Louis, MO

Yoga has been the link between my work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the last 12+ years and my passion to remain a strong active multi sport athlete. I use my knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create purposeful yoga sequences, designed to specifically target and train regions of the body while utilizing my yoga knowledge of poses and meditation to assist with patients recovering from various injuries and surgeries. I am truly blessed to be able to assist in helping so many people conquer their physical and mental hurdles in order to return to optimal health and wellness.

I found Gwen's PYFS system when I was looking from something different than just your traditional vinyasa flow. I was combating chronic low back pain following the birth of my first child which was limiting my ability to return to triathlon training. The combination of prolong holds and specific joint and muscle work aided in my recovery and I knew this was the type of yoga meant for me. I immediately completed all of Gwen's courses and my 500 hour YTT through her school. Now my current students reap the benefit of her system and I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to help athletes of all ages and experience to push through their limitations in order to achieve their goals.

Jim, Power Yoga for Sports Elite Master

Jim Berti

Capital Region of NY

The transformative powers of both mind and body are amazing. With a dedicated practice, one can transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Power Yoga For Sports has deepened my appreciation and knowledge for how athletes can tap into this mind body connection and by doing so, raise their game from ordinary to extraordinary. Meeting Gwen Lawrence in September of 2015 changed my life. Gwen is no ordinary teacher, she has a razor-sharp ability to dissect the human body in regard to imbalances and potential injuries.

Power Yoga For Sports is not about making athletes into yogis. Power Yoga For Sports takes the sport/athlete and breaks it down into yoga. Thanks to Gwen’s teachings and trainings I now watch athletic competitions differently. More than just a “game”, it is about each player utilizing mind and body to reach extraordinary heights.


Kim Galbraith, Power Yoga for Sports Elite Master

Kim Galbraith, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Simi Valley, CA

When I began my yoga teaching journey in 2014, I saw an opportunity for young athletes. As a mom of student athletes, I watched the repetitive nature of their sports and the subsequent injuries.  It seemed pretty natural to recruit them to become my first real "students". At first there was a lot of eye rolling, followed by constructive and sometimes unwanted criticism, and finally a progression to "hey, this stuff really works". For my 200 hour training I was lucky to have a teacher that was well educated in anatomy and movement, but the Hatha yoga classes I was teaching were lacking something in the athletic world. I searched on the internet for training specific to teaching yoga to athletes and found Gwen.

Gwen has been able to forge a bridge between yoga and sports that helps teachers, coaches and trainers integrate this important work into an athletes rigorous schedule.  PYFS breaks down preconceived notions that people in sports may have about practicing yoga. I feel that the PYFS program has so much untapped potential - particularly at the high school and college level. This is where I have chosen to focus my teaching efforts.  I want to make it "normal" to have a student athlete practice yoga, breathing, recovery and meditation so that they can pursue their dreams to the fullest extent possible.

Power Yoga for Sports Elite Graduates

Fred Hoffman – North Carolina
Amy Tenney – El Paso, TX
Tania Rada– Spain
Lauren Jacobs – Florida
Lindsay Smith – Los Angeles, CA
Avery Westlund – Croatia / CT
Ryanne Cunningham – Wisconsin
Emery Bryant – Missouri
Cayt Chittenden – Illinois
Sarah Howard – Los Angeles, CA
Sandy Ellis – Ohio
Alex Greenberg – New York
Elsa Eastabrook - Canada
Bo Storozuk - Colorado *
Cynthia Staudt - Florida *
Kim Polivko – New Jersey
Luis Gonzalez – New York *
Lexi Alexander - Texas
Angela Hess - Ohio
Monee Burt – New York
Sheila Umatiya - Texas *
Katie Daniel - Georgia *
Kim Carlson - Indiana *
Tracey Hassard - California *
Maya Howard – New York *
Mary Reid - Canada
Korey Kobata - California *
Jillian Gumbel – New York *
Erica Kaufman – New Jersey
Tyrus Lawrence – New York
Tara Zweig - New Jersey *
Morghan Ansley - Missouri
Starr Hancock - Texas *
Patricia Akins - Massachusetts



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