“ I use Yogandha oils in my practice, they are high quality oils made with vision and purpose.  The company has specific directive for use and passion like I have never seen, the oils feel, smell and essential oil quality enhances my healing ability, I love them.” There are a couple of really great options…

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Jade Yoga Mats

Gwen Lawrence for Jade Yoga Mats

“ I love jade yoga mats’ philosophy and mission, they are a community driven company and besides that their mats are second to none. The tack is outstanding and really stands up to the rigors of my practices and the hard core training of my athletes. They will be the one and only mat you…

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“Alignmed products can take your life and practice to the next level, a misaligned body is destined for injury and pain, whether you are pitching on the mound or running errands it is imperative you are in alignment to allow ease of movement, less pain and to stay proactive to health not reactive to injury,…

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