Facts on Frozen Shoulder

Cold hard facts on FROZEN SHOULDER By Gwen Lawrence Commonly referred to as “frozen shoulder” is a condition that causes restriction in motion. There is a capsule that surrounds this shallow ball and socket joint, frozen shoulder is the contraction of this capsule which will cause scar tissue to form and inevitable without treatment limit…

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Book Club Recommendation

I think every person should read about this hidden danger in our own homes especially when we are in lockdown. There are things you can do to help! I also recommend Dr. Mercola website, it is insightful and smart!

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Yoga for Athletes | Flexibilty for Warriors

Most people, especially athletes come to yoga with the intention of increasing flexibility. The truth is yoga offers so much more as far as benefits to athletes on the field of play. Balance, strength, flexibility, refined breathing techniques, mental toughness, and visualization of their goals. Today, let’s focus on the suppleness, flexibility aspect. I hear…

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Yoga Move of the Week

#poweryogaforsports Yoga Move of the Week Standing Side BendsThis move is great for opening and stretching the spine, shoulders, lats and chest.  Exaggerate the move to improve your range of motion, go as deep as you can to open the muscles between the ribs.  This will increase depth of breath and bring more blood and oxygen…energizing…

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Gwen Lawrence Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hour

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Yoga Move of the Week – Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg

Opposite Arm Opposite Leg This move will open the hamstrings, hips and shoulders and warm up the core. The best part about ti is you can quickly assess your tighter hamstring and how it can affect your back. keep your head on the ground the whole time, gently press your low back on the floor…

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PYFS Yin Pose of the Week…Half Seated Straddle Forward Bend

Half Seated Straddle Foward Fold

Yin Pose of the Week Half Seated Straddle Forward Bend This pose can be frustrating at first but when you take a patient approach the body will ease open in as little at 2 minutes.  Use a lot of support and blocks to get relatively comfortable. You should feel a decent stretch and be able…

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PYFS Yin Pose of the Week…Pulling the Cat’s Tail

Yin Pose of the Week - Pulling the Cat's Tail

Yin Pose of the Week Pulling the Cat’s Tail This pose can open your body in many directions at once. In addition to a mild spinal twist you will feel hips, IT bands, chest and shoulders. You may need straps at first to reach your feet. If you have knee issues proceed cautiously when stretching…

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